Exploring Bluewire™


The BlueCarbon™ boasts an ultra comfortable experience, incorporating both dual recording technology and a Bluetooth headset, elegantly packaged in an ultra light earpiece. Explore additional features, which make BlueCarbon™ invaluable in your life.

Battery Life

Following research by Senss Technologies, BlueCarbon™ battery lasts for four hours of talking and two hours of record time. It can be charged regularly via micro USB cable or wirelessly by Qi pad.

Voice Memo and Reminders

BlueCarbon™ could also be used for voice memos or reminders to be listened to at a later date. These can be made even when not in a call.

Integrated Flash light

If you’re coming home late from a meeting, this extra piece of hardware proves invaluable: a built-in flashlight.

Easily navigate your way with this nifty device. .

NFC Technology

With its advanced near-field communication, simply tap your phone with the device, allowing the NFC to automatically transfer your most recent recording to your phone from the BlueCarbon™ headset. This ensures high priority files remain safe.


Ensuring maximum safety, you can either transfer your files via Bluetooth from your phone or by connecting your BlueCarbon™ device to computer via UBS manually transferring your files to your preferred storage-location. The dedicated app, which is free on Android and iOS, ensure an effortless transferring experience.

Dedicated App

BlueCarbon™ has created a free app integrating perfectly into your life. This app assists in transferring recordings between your phone and your BlueCarbon™ device. It also supports the option of file playback either via your smartphone or BlueCarbon™ earpiece.

BlueCarbon™s’ app is currently supported on Android 4.3 and up and iOS 6.0 and up.

Wireless Leash

BlueCarbon™ acts as a wireless leash between your keys and your cellphone. Therefore, if your phone is no longer within range, it will emit a beeping sound to warn you, allowing you to never forget either one. You can also use it to find your keys or phone if either are lost. This is done via the press of a button on the app or by shaking the BlueCarbon™ device. This sends a signal to your phone to start ringing. The app alerts you if your phone and keys are no longer within range to record calls.


The biggest dilemma with current recording software is the cloud-based storage facility presenting a breach in privacy and confidentiality. These information sensitive files need to be at your disposal and within your discretion to handle. Many applications prove to be more expensive than vigilant. BlueCarbon™ completely eliminates this concern as your files are now solely in your possession.

Recordings are directly stored onto the BlueCarbon™s’ built-in storage capacity. The BlueCarbon™ internal storage drive has a memory capacity that can store up to 1,000 hours of recorded calls.

Unlimited Bluetooth Devices

BlueCarbon™ is the bridge between your calls and multiple devices. If you already own a Bluetooth headset that your would not want to part with, BlueCarbon™s can be paired with any other Bluetooth device on the market still allowing you to record your phone conversations. Your calls will still be recorded provided that your preferred Bluetooth device is connect and within range. This technology is not only limited to Bluetooth headsets —you can pair BlueCarbon to your car’s Bluetooth system, and any other Bluetooth enabled device. This allows you, once again, to talk using the hands-free system in your car that you’re already comfortable with.